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Calculate and communicate hospital surge capacity.
  • Objectively measure patient throughput using standard metrics.
  • Instantly notify your team of emergent data.
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Used by thousands of hospitals since 2008.
National Emergency Department Overcrowding Score
Save It
NEDOCS offers a cloud database to save your scores. Hospital staff adds the scores using a web interface. NEDOCS can also be automated using our API or traditional interfaces.
Share It
Hospital staff is notified as soon as a score is added. NEDOCS offers email and SMS notifications. Users can manage their own notification preferences to suit their needs.
See It
Visualize your trends using a graph and heatmap. NEDOCS offers anonymous benchmarking against your health system, and all other NEDOCS hospitals so you can see where you stand.
Data Over Opinions
Opinions around patient surges in the hospital are overwhelming during the COVID-19 pandemic. Patient flow is dynamic even without the additional forces of a crisis. NEDOCS helps remove the news and social media clutter by helping your team form a consistent methodology around objective data.

NEDOCS features a "live surge plan" for your team to track at all times. The surge plan updates with each score as the colors change. Learn from other hospitals using anonymous surge plan sharing.

NEDOCS features a refined 5-level surge scale modeled after the LAC+USC Medical Center Surge Plan. The 5-level scale is best suited for care operations due to its simplicity.

LAC+USC Medical Center Surge Plan
Medical Center of Plano Story
Emergent Events
NEDOCS makes it easy for you to track and communicate incident codes like the ones behind your badge. Notify your team of these events via email and SMS with one click.

Communicate any event via an input box like a Tweet. These events make up a timeline you can refer for history.

NEDOCS is a powerful tool for patient care coordinators, administrators, and directors at the hospital together with NEDOCS tracking, surge plan management, and emergent event notification.
Data we get from NEDOCS will assist us in reducing our wait time alerts and preemptively take action to better our throughput. -Chief Nursing Officer Real-time communication of NEDOCS made a huge impact on our ability to act and intervene in a more timely fashion. -Director of Nursing Operations
Return on Investment
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