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API Reference

NEDOCS API is a rest interface which allows you to submit or get data via an HTTPS endpoint.

Base URL
The NEDOCS REST API is served over HTTPS only.


Your hospital's API key is a 128-bit integer which identifies your hospital. It is provided upon request, and is available in your Settings menu once provided.

Submit a score:POST
To add a new score, submit an https POST request containing the contents the NEDOCS object. The POST calls can be made by any device connected to the internet.

POST values.

All values are whole numbers, or integers sent as string.
        totalpat - Value for total patients in the ED.
        totaladmits - Value for total admits waiting in the ED.
        edbeds - Value for total ED beds.
        ipbeds - Value for total inpatient beds.
        longestadmit - Value in minutes for the longest admit.
        lastbedtime - Value for the last bed time in minutes.
        ventilators - Value for the total number of 1:1/ventilator patients.
        id - Your hospital's API key provided in the settings panel. 
        Can also be sent in the URL string like this:
The score will be saved, a timeline broadcast will be generated, and all alerts will be executed.


        Ok - If the score calculates, and notifications are sent.
        Error - Issues with either calculating or notifying the score.


        using System.Net;

        using (var client = new WebClient())
            var values = new NameValueCollection();
            values["totalpat"] = "81";
            values["totaladmits"] = "12";
            values["edbeds"] = "75";
            values["ipbeds"] = "511";
            values["longestadmit"] = "360";
            values["lastbedtime"] = "40";
            values["ventilators"] = "1";

            var response = 
            , values);